Wowing the socks off your clients is as simple as a quality Marketing and Sales Kit

Customer kits are one of the easiest ways of impressing the socks off new clients. Not only will they be impressed, you will also:

  • Establish your authority and market position
  • Counter the deal killing emotion of buyer’s remorse
  • Greatly reduce redemptions during guarantee periods
  • Create cross sell opportunities
  • Greatly increase referral
  • Reward valuable clients
  • Build customer loyalty

The contents of a great Marketing and Sales Kit can vary however they most commonly contain multiple custom branded components. We have found custom printed books, calendars, catalogues, DVD’s, USB sticks, pens, T Shirts etc will make your client feel loved and you will have your brand in front of them for an extended period of time.

This article explores some of the key components you should consider:
WOW Marketing and Sales Kit

Delivery needs to be fast especially if you want to counter buyer’s remorse. Express post is one way however users of Intertype’s wow kit fulfillment service will have their Marketing and Sales Kits in the mail same day without fail, irrespective of how busy they are. They have the added advantage of not needing to clutter their offices with the Wow kit components and reordering of inventory is done automatically.

What Are The Core Applications

  1. New Customer Welcome Kits
  2. Marketing and Sales Kits
  3. Property Hand Over Kits

Who’s it For?

  1. Businesses that have significant client relationships or tender for contracts
  2. Marketing Managers
  3. Sales Managers
  4. Coaches and consultants with high end service packages such as Masterclasses
  5. Property Developers and sales agents
  6. Real estate agents
  7. Event managers
  8. Anybody who needs to “shock and awe” their customers

What are the key components?

Components vary according to your particular needs however the following are common items many businesses use within their marketing and sales kits:

  1. Presentation Folders
  2. Document Folders
  3. Boxes
  4. Binders + tabs + contents
  5. Foam Inserts
  6. Brochures
  7. Thank You Cards
  8. Calendars
  9. Workbooks
  10. Books
  11. Branded promotional products such as:
    • Pens
    • USB sticks
    • Caps
    • T shirts
    • Headphones
    • Speakers