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Good Luck and Good Hunting

As time wore on, however, I noticed that the dreams of lost civilisations, sunken shipwrecks, treasure caves and the secret hideouts of outlaws did not abate. If anything, as I began to travel and experience the world, these dreams grew. With today’s access to seemingly unlimited information at your fingertips, and the ability to travel like never before, the time has never been more right to chase history.The call of history and archaeology, and the physical ‘treasures’ that are often associated with it, have entertained me for my entire life. As a child I would bury a jar of coins just to dig them back up months later. Indeed, every little item washed up on the beach or glimpsed under the ocean was analysed by a curious eye, the origin of every bone in the wild was guessed at and the classics such as Treasure Island and The Count of Monte Cristo were read over and again for inspiration.

This book is the tip of the iceberg on your way to a life of adventure. Ten treasures spread throughout the world that have been lost to time, but not without hope of return. Ten historical targets that are all within your reach. Neither are these treasures sunk too deep, aged beyond the reach of written record or guarded too heavily by the earth. A little planning and a sprinkle of luck is all the recipe you need.

Before you begin – A warning. The information you read in the following pages is bathed in the theory, circumstance and ideology of all those who have tried and failed before you. Nothing is gospel, nothing is fact, until you make it so. The realm of treasure hunting leads to disappointment far more often than she leads to glory – but then all the greater the glory.

Good luck and good hunting.

About The Author

Gerard Oak.

Gerard is global traveller and amateur archaeologist from Australia. A student of history and lover of the unknown, his goal is to inspire others to get out there and explore the world’s great mysteries.

Gerard Oak, Lost Treasures Book