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A Goddess for all Seasons

This book was born from my pain, it is the book I needed to begin to heal my traumatised soul. It is primarily a guided journal that will help you gently begin reconnecting with your authentic self. When we suffer trauma, we can lose our connection to everything, we begin to believe the illusion of separateness. This book contains beautiful images, teachings, tips, tools, affirmations and questions that will gently start to uncover what sub conscious filters limit you. This book is designed to become your personalised writing journal. The story it tells will be uniquely yours. I wish you much love, strength and joy remembering how to deeply love your magical essence.

From the moment you take possession, this book is yours. It is my gift to you. I designed this book as a starting point for you to begin re-connecting with Mother Nature and your Goddess magnificence. It is a journal filled with questions, tips, tools, and pieces of wisdom to get you back in love with yourself!

Write, doodle, draw, colour, cry, but be you.

About The Author

Sarah Turner

Dijolife is the combination of Dijo Yoga, Dijo Mentoring and the Dijo Eco retreat. Dijo was founded by Sarah Turner in 2011, when she noticed the need to reach out to other survivors of post-traumatic stress. Sarah was diagnosed as suffering PTSD from both childhood trauma and her time serving as a Naval Officer during the War on Terrorism. Since that time she has developed her own healing program involving yoga, mentoring and mindfulness.

book printing on demand melbourne, self publishing

Dijo Life

PO Box 127, ALLORA QLD 4362 Australia

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